05 November 2009

Coolest Bike Parking in San Francisco

Biomega at W Hotel SF 01
I've not seen such cool bike parking in ages. At my hotel in San Francisco - the W Hotel - they have three Danish Biomega bicycles for guests to use free. Okay, three isn't much, but it's what they do with them that counts.
Biomega at W Hotel SF 02
It's like a museum the way they hang them up on the wall like that. You ask the valet for a bicycle and he walks over with a crank and proceeds to lower - slowly and cerimoniously - the bicycle to the ground. Now THAT is style over speed!

Mikael and the Biomega
I rode the bicycle during the Halloween Critical Mass and the next day, too, with some friends. A one-speed on the hills of San Francisco. Easy peasy.

Here's what other bikes I've been riding whilst travelling.


Kiwehtin said...

I personally love their Mark Newson models, though that doesn't imply the rest aren't lovely too!

LGV said...

I love that and it make bycicle kind a holly !!!

brett said...

Ha, I rode that very bike when I stayed at the W in SF last month; the single speed was the only one left! It was surprisingly easy to ride around downtown, though I did have to actually get off and walk it up one hill for about a minute.

Great to meet you in person in Portland, Mikael, and thanks for the inspirational message.