11 November 2009

Copenhagen Cycle Town 1910

Here's a little silent archive film from Copenhagen called 'Cycle Town'. There's no date given but I'm guessing that we're around about 1910-ish, based on the style of the clothes and cars.

Love the little boy on his bicycle tipping his hat and the girls smiling and giggling.

This film from British Pathé has an embed code but it doesn't work on my computer. Can anyone else see it play directly on this page or does it open in a new window and send you to Pathé?


Kevin Love said...

It opened a new window for me.

sheffieldcyclechic said...

After viewing the film I wondered if there was any interesting footage of Sheffield.
I found this:
which I've posted on here:

Anonymous said...

It took me to the Pathe site. (No bad thing: I didn't know it existed - so a bit of serendipity, for some of us.)

What a lovely film! How fantastic to see little kids out doing their own thing with such freedom and confidence. How my country "progress" so far backwards from this in the century since? It makes me want that for the kids where I live.

Played it with Mirielle Mathieu's "Les Bicyclettes de Belsize" because it made me think of the line,
"Seul le ciel tendre et bleu
se mirait dans nos yeux
nos yeux d'enfants heureux..."