11 November 2009

Cycling is Booming Again!

We all sense that cycling is booming again. Apparently they were of the same impression back in 1933, in Birmingham, 'the hub of the cycle industry'.

Ironically, the area went on to become the hub of the car industry. Did they just nick the factories from the bicycle companies? :-)

It's a brilliant little archive film from the West Midlands. Interesting to see the style of bicycles ridden at that time in Britain. The country has a long tradition for cycle touring and this is reflected in the bikes.

Compare the bicycles in the above film from 1933 with the bicycles in Copenhagen in 1937:


Jonathan at Five and Dime Bicycles said...

Cycle is definitely booming again and I'm happy to say that in my area, it's a very grass roots/community movement thing as opposed to a "big business" thing.

sexify said...

Being a Midlander myself, it's sad to leaf through the history-book photos of Birmingham populated by a huge number of bike shops and normal people on bikes.

(The city also had one of the UK's biggest and most beloved tram networks - replaced with buses post-WW2.)

Now the city has one of the worst 'cycle networks' in the country, awful motor traffic, and only a handful of quality bike shops. *sigh*


queen110 said...

I want to see my country ues the cycling more...!