10 November 2009

Dance for the Climate

There's a host of climate NGO's and initiatives out there which is great. But this video from the newly launched Dance for the Climate campaign will knock you out.

Brilliant stuff. My friend Stefan, who runs Cycle Chic Belgium worked on the project. Bono and U2 happily gave them the rights to use their song.

I got goose bumps watching it.

It's available in 20 languages from their YouTube page here.


Xander N' Dante said...

WOW. thats just crazy...and crazy for a good cause is just what we need

Erwin Acke said...

For pictures of "The making of" in Ostend (B) on 2009 August 30: go to:

Michael said...

Me too, the goose bumps, I mean.

I compare this wonderful vibe, with a Four Corners program on the ABC (Australia) the other night.

We saw the leader of one of our parties, the Nationals, talking about how climate change is basically bullshit, and how they'll do everything to sabotage any emissions reductions here.

The Pollie's name is Barnaby Joyce, and he was positively gleeful about his sabotage prospects.

He takes his cue from another top pollie, Nick Minchin.

Boy, has this era spawned some blind and greedy people, or what?

The richer the country, the greedier they are. Mike Rubbo

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Mike, Bonno & U2 will save us all.