03 November 2009

London Mayor Saves The Day on a Bicycle

Shame it's not an election year. Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, [pictured] is credited with coming to the rescue of a woman being threatened by three youths. They were threatening her with an iron bar when Mr Johnson, who was passing by on his bicycle, rolled up scared them off.

According to The Guardian:

"The mayor of London was cycling through Camden, north London, on Monday night when he answered the cry of Franny Armstrong, a documentary maker and environmental activist who was surrounded by a group of hoodie-clad young girls.

Johnson stopped and chased the girls down the street, calling them "oiks". He then returned to walk Armstrong home. "He was my knight on a shining bicycle," she said today."


Full article from The Guardian here. Thanks to Adrian for the link.


Kiwehtin said...

He's really an enforcer on his shining 'pede, inn'e? I remember his close call with a passing truck/lorry whose back door swung open and nearly bashed him off his bike several months ago. Naturally, this involving the Mayor, there were consequences.

It's a bit ironic though that despite his personal bike-friendliness, I see people bemoaning the continued poor infrastructure for bikes in London. It remains a Vehicular Cyclist's paradise, therefore very unpleasant and dangerous for the youngest, oldest and least vigorous cyclists.

dyrlægen said...

go boris!

txell said...

boris, the knight-errant saves the princess (nevertheless he's not at all my kind of blue prince...)

Doubledrumlin said...

Must be the latest rage for mayors of large cities to come to the rescue of young maidens from pipe carrying hooligans.


Jonathan at five and dime bicycles said...

Here in Pittsburgh, PA, USA we have a great young mayor, Luke Ravensstahl, who is pushing for a more bicycle friendly city. He has yet to rescue any citizens from immediate danger but give him time.

Ravenstahl: My idea of a livable street is one where pedestrians, bikes and cars can safely operate together. We are making progress on such streets in Pittsburgh. With the new bike lanes on East Liberty and Liberty Avenues we are moving in the right direction. Pittsburgh has been named one of the top 10 cities for walking several times and with our focus on earning “bicycle friendly status” for the City, we can be working towards the creation of livable streets in Pittsburgh.

Anonymous said...

Can't stand Boris's party, but ya just can't help liking the guy.
He's done more for cycling in London than decades of...a certain other party.
I love it thatof all people he saved, it was the director of a film about ecological disaster.