03 November 2009

Motorizing Children

RushHour Game
After a fragment of hopeful symbolism outside the airport terminal I stumbled across this in a shop inside. Ironically, in the Deutsches Museum shop which was otherwise filled with cool, educational toys.

Rush Hour! The brilliant traffic jam game! Move the cars to escape the traffic jam!

And, by the looks of it, learn how to piss off everyone else in the traffic jam. But hey... as long as you get home first, who cares.

Think Fun, out of the States, is the manufacturer and you can order your game online! Buy now! Operators are standing by. Se habla espanol.

Teach your kids the important stuff in life.


lagatta à montréal said...

Oh dear that is ghastly.

Sure you did manage to pick up a nice toy or two for the cycleicious kids though.

My verification word is ablegato. Able gato?

Vic said...

Here's another great example I scanned from a Zellers catalog a couple of years back. Teach your kids to drive a car while talking on the phone!

spiderleggreen said...

and 10 points for pedestrians. 50! for those pesky cyclists!

Matt said...

It's actually a really good puzzle game. And you can get it in trains instead of cars, and, from memory, maybe with animals instead of the cars too.

You're being a bit too sensitive about this one.

Anonymous said...

TBH, I think the lack of great cycling puzzles is appalling. Rush Hour would be way better if it utilized bicycle traffic instead. Maybe somebody should mention this to IncrediBikes or something? I mean, they're pretty awesome, they would probably pick up on this.

Anyways, I hope you had a good time otherwise.

mike said...

I had this game (in English, not German) when I was little. It didn't turn me into a car-lover.

Adrienne Johnson said...

Funny how realistic that picture is : D

CPayan said...

I used to have this game when I was a kid. Great for thinking ahead to solve puzzles, and visualize scenarios. I'm not entirely sure you understand the game, or its point. Otherwise, you're just being oversensitive.

Ryan said...

mike said...
I had this game (in English, not German) when I was little. It didn't turn me into a car-lover.
I did not have this game, however I use to ALWAYS play with toy cars of every kind when I was younger.
Kind of ironic how now I wouldn't even think of owning or using a car.

Frits B said...

@lagatta: only if your name is Fritz!

Anonymous said...

This is a great intellectual game, I had that at home and also had it on iphone application.

It doesn't really have to do with driving, but a cool game to work one's brain.

Kiwehtin said...

To lagatta over the market:

Yes, of course, it *should* have been "ablegatta"... ;-)

I've noticed that recently the verification words seem to be configured more like real words than before, i.e. as sequences of pronounceable syllables... Perhaps that's intended to make them easier for people to process and retain in their heads as they retype them. Actually the one I have now is "rebro". Hope I don't get something like "redrum" next time around!

Brent said...

An online version:


sexify said...

Looking at the online version you get this instruction:
"shift all blocking cars and trucks out of your way".

I suspect this isn't the best way to instill respect for other road users.


spag said...

another online version:

this is really just a puzzle. If you really want to see a hidden agenda in it, you can just as well see it as a proof that driving cars in rush hour is really difficult.

Cycling is so easy that you can't formulate it as a puzzle ;)