03 November 2009

Peeling Car Culture Away

Munich Advert
On a stopover in Munich on the way home from America I walked into car culture and bumped my nose. This Audi advert covered the entire facade of the airport terminal.

Although it's kind of hard NOT to ignore the bull when the fucker is THIS big. To my secret delight the men were peeling off the advert in sections, crumpling it up and letting it fall to the ground three stories below.

Symbolic of the demotorization of our societies? Let's hope so. Tiny fragments of symbolism are fuel to keep us going.


Stefan said...

Germany is a highly car-industry dependent country, with no intentions to reduce this (See BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Opel, Ford Europe). On the other hand, even in this Autobahn-culture country the younger generation (sub 30s) doesn't have a strong relationship with cars anymore. It will be interesting how things pan out. Will there be a war between the car dependent manufacturing class and the cycling and public transport based creative class? Will bicycle infrastructure be seen as a way to kill jobs in the automobile industry? Hopefully not!

Ryan said...

I've always been amazed at how Germany, a top car producing country still has many hot spots for great cycling. I mean look at Münster whose cycling rates are that of Amsterdam. Even Munich at 15% or Berlin at 12% is amazing.
The best we have in Canada is at around 4% which is Victoria. Cities such as Vancouver is around 1.9%, Toronto at 0.9% or Ottawa at 2%.

Unfortunately people here think because we produce cars and oil they must be used. Plus there still isn't any real will to change here.

Anytime something good starts to happen people complain right away.
Here in Ontario we were suppose to get a whole new 'wind farm' for more wind power. That's been put on hold because some people are claiming the swooshing sound is making them sick.