17 December 2009

Better World

by Joel Pett.

Good point.

Spotted by Hamish over at PoliticalIrony.com


Realist said...

Wish that was the case but the current deals does not reduce pollution or help the poor or developing countries.
It will only succeed in increasing taxation of the poor and allow the big polluters a license to pollute.

Anonymous said...

If it is a big hoax, whatever will come of it will certainly not be a "better world". We have had plenty of big hoaxes before in history, remember some? and all of them promised a "better world". In fact, the promise was part of the hoax.

So maybe you shouldn't be so flippant about it.

Mikael said...

flippant? I assume you're speaking to the cartoonist who drew the cartoon, so I suppose I don't need to answer. If you click on the cartoon you'll be redirected to the source where I'm sure you can contact him directly.


Charlene said...

So fun to see a cartoon featured by Joel Pett! He's the staff cartoonist at the Lexington Herald-Leader my local paper in Lexington, Kentucky.

Anonymous said...

I wish the politicians could get it into their heads that a miss is as good as a mile with emissions limits. Reality makes no concessions or compromises.

The planet won't negotiate.

Melbourne Cyclist said...

I have this cartoon on my office door now because my officemate and I both like it - for me it's more a comment on what we can all do at a local level (some of our colleagues are painfully selfish, one is proud of the huge amount of water his family waste), mainly because I have no faith in our politicians to do anything remotely ballsy :-(