06 December 2009

Bicycle Board Game

Six Day Race Game
In a previous post I explored how we are motorizing children by presenting a German car rush hour board game for your consideration.

At the Copenhagen by Bicycle exhibition at the Copenhagen City Museum there was this Six Day Race board game on display. Didn't actually catch the date on it, sorry, but it is from at least the 1950's, if not earlier.

No idea how to play it so don't ask. But the Six Day Races are iconic in Danish history. They used to draw massive crowds. There is still one main race in February here in Copenhagen but the folksy appeal is no longer.


Gareth Rees said...

Another board game on the same theme is 6-Tage Rennen by Walter Toncar.

ig fahrrad, Vienna said...

will you be reporting on the Arrival of the many Cyclists coming from all corners of the world to cph for cop15, that took place today?

eg. http://rideplanetearth.org/

We did a group ride in Vienna too in solidarity.

Kiwehtin said...

This reminds me of something related, the "Elfstedentocht/Âlvestêdetocht" (eleven towns procession/tour) in Friesland in the Netherlands, which is held whenever it's cold enough for the rural canals to freeze over enough for large numbers of people to skate the route between the 11 towns connected by these canals. It started in 1909 and the most recent one was in 1997.

I was going to say that a cycling variant would be a good idea, but apparently this has been thought of already. (Note to self: The Netherlands – like, d'uh-uhh...!)

There are Wikipedia articles on the 11ST on Wikipedia in several European languages including Catalan, Castilian and Turkish but strangely enough, not in Danish.

It would be a great idea to try something like this for ordinary cyclists (like Montreal's "Tour de l'Île") in Denmark: it's not like there isn't fertile ground for something like this to take root and eventually inspire kids' games that are based on cycing as social glue rather than traffic jamming...