09 December 2009

Climate Change Rap Battle - Al Gore v Lord Moncton

Ah, if only the whole Climate Conference was this easy and amusing.


Kim said...

Thanks, that has brightened my day...

tensaimon said...

thanks for the lighter note, I feel strangely convinced they'll fuck it all up and cop15 will come to nothing.

Andrew Edmondston-Low said...

Yeah, he's based in Melbourne. That's my brother-in-law! And I'm very proud too!!
My comment to him when I saw the video was "Rap it up for Hopenhagen!" as that's where I'm based.
He has a pretty cool music video called "Keep Pedalling" for all you cycling enthusiasts out there.

Sue 'sans' helmet said...

Drew! no wonder you're proud!

The clip is a salutary message for us all