12 December 2009

Climate Conference Demonstration Bicycles

Waiting for the Demo
Earlier today Felix and I rolled out to what was expected to be a highlight of the current climate conference here in Copenhagen. A massive demonstration that walked from the parliament to the conference centre.

The news here in Copenhagen is reporting that 100,000 people took part and it really was a brilliant demonstration. It was amazingly global with different languages spoken all around you. Many people stood along the roads and watched. Felix and I walked with the crowds for a while and then pulled over to just stare in awe at the masses of peaceful demonstrators.

Standing Up for the Climate
The number of bicycles was amazing, too. Most weren't used specifically as demonstration props or symbols. They were merely transport and were dragged along to the event because that's how the person got there.
The number of cargo bikes was impressive, too. Families with their kids in the box, or friends hanging together, or pets. You name it.
It was great that Felix could see this. You have to go back decades to find a demonstration of this size in Copenhagen.

The shot, above, was taken on our way home.

Demo Food
This guy was serving hot food and kept hopping off to serve it and then hopping back on again to keep up with the crowds.

Cargo Convoy Yellow

Dismount Kangaroo Demonstration

Short John SF Demo Dog

Felix Demo
And here's my man Felix. He stood in the cargo bay of our Bullitt cargo bike and watched, quite literally, the world walk past.

You can see a slideshow of photos of the demonstration - not just bicycles - here.