19 December 2009

Copenhagenize Mix

Another Copenhagenize Mix of links:

Bike Snob NYC reports on a brilliant example of Ignoring The Bull, involving a celebrity.

Older post from BikePortland about what The Netherlands [and Denmark] can learn from Portland and Vancouver, what with falling cycling rates in both countries.

Risky cycling rarely to blame for bike accidents, study finds
Cyclists disobeying stop signal or wearing dark clothing at night rarely cited in collisions causing serious injury, The Guardian reports.
Link from Christopher and Elspeth.

NPR reports on cargo bikes [as though they're a new fangled thing] and how practical they are
Link from Taras.

Scottish firefighters take to bicycles to spread awareness
Link from Kim.

Cartoon highlighting the importance of helmet-wearing.
Link from Rob.

Old School Culture of Fear cartoon from the New Yorker. It's the second cartoon in the slide show.

Two bike lanes welcomed in Philadelphia.
Link from Christopher.

Warning! Bicycles are not just for Christmas.
Bristol Traffic does it again.

The fantastically overcomplicated world of bicycle laws in New South Wales, Australia. Opens as .pdf.
Link from Martin.

And a quote:
"Health and safety may seem to be moral absolutes of our time, as religious dogma used to be, for naturally bossy people to throw their weight around."
Auberon Waugh


Anonymous said...

You write:

"NPR reports on cargo bikes [as though they're a new fangled thing[emphasis added]] and how practical they are."

NPR's reporter writes:

"Long popular in Europe[emphasis added], they're starting to make their way into the United States."

Obviously NPR's reporter does not make the claim that cargo bikes are newfangled, only that their use and manufacture in the U.S. is on the rise.

Accuracy over attitude, please.

nathan_h said...

I know you're down with BSNY, but I find his incessant, bitter criticism of the hated fixed-gear subculture to be just as counter to promoting cycling as any other "you're riding it wrong" talk. Those are just some people trying to look good on a bicycle, which is something your Copenhagen bogs celebrate for other fashions and other people. Sure, their fixed gear equipment is a little absurd, about 1% as much as your typical automobile, but it's not for me to judge what gets them safely from place to place with zero emissions. (It's obviously's the snob's MO to judge.) I'm just a guy that rides gay old 3-speeds, not very hip but some of my pants are slim. It's the fashion, sorry.

kfg said...

"It's obviously's the snob's MO to judge."

Yes, it is; and if you take him seriously enough to get seriously irked - you're doing it wrong.

K "Over 50, bearded, sandal wearing Rivendell rider" FG

nathan_h said...

I can't be doing it wrong if I don't do it. ;) I only rarely read BS even when sites I appreciate, like this one, link. Regardless of whether or not I get irked, BS whips a lot of cyclists into an anti-this-and-that frenzy that is contrary to this site's stated aim of promoting cycling.

It's not that serious, but I did want to point out the contradiction just this once.

kfg said...

A good many people took A Modest Proposal seriously as well and got all whipped up into a frenzy.

It wasn't Jonathan Swift's fault that a good many people who appeared intelligent were actually retards.

"I only rarely read BS"

Then you may not have caught my reference to being one of the other groups that BS "hates" on. He may have started out targeting the fixie hipster culture, but he's become fairly equal opportunity with his barbs over time.

His "Anne Hathaway Unharmed" bit was even right in keeping with this very blog while at the same time he was lampooning Mikael. He's far more intelligent than he likes to let on and is really becoming quite the skilled satirist. I like skilled satire, even if it does come across as merely "bitter criticism" to some.

"their fixed gear equipment is a little absurd"

My Rivendell is a fixie. I think it's quite rational. :)

". . .some of my pants are slim. It's the fashion. . ."

That I don't think is very rational at all. Some of my pants are slim for the same reason my cycling tights are slim.

"I did want to point out the contradiction just this once."

BS is wall to wall contradictions. You actually have to work pretty hard to catch him in a logically consistent point of view.

Great, ain't it?

Just a cyclist said...

Wow, you really are a Rivendell poster child... maybe a Yehuda Moon wannabe even? Little surprised by the fixie though, a vintage bike would be more appropriate - "seven is heaven". That'd please Mikael as well, even if [not going to reiterate the brand name] does not belong to the brands currently sponsoring him.

kfg said...

". . .maybe a Yehuda Moon wannabe even?"

Drop bars and I don't like either saddle or handlebar bags; and isn't he into hub gears?

". . .a vintage bike would be more appropriate . . ."

I've used them up already. In any case the Riv is a better ride and has parts that I'll never have to worry about becoming unobtainium.

Know where I can get some Zeus chainrings - cheap?

"seven is heaven"

Yeah, that's where I stopped before I "backslid."

Mikael said...

- i wouldn't consider myself 'down with' BS. i like some of his stuff when I, on occasion, read it. i like the satirical tone, even when he takes the piss out of me. the Anne Hathaway article fit perfectly into the Ignoring the Bull concept.

- "I'm just a guy that rides gay old 3-speeds, not very hip but some of my pants are slim." - this is brilliant!

'the brands currently sponsoring him'... that makes it sound so lucrative and david beckamish. :-) the danish bikemakers with ads on my blogs are good friends of mine. that's why they're there. I like them and their products.