10 December 2009

Copenhagenize Rides San Francisco Critical Mass

I'm way behind on so many things. I finally had the chance to edit this little film that I shot in San Francisco in October 2009. By fantastic coincedence, my lecture tour was on the same day as the Halloween Critical Mass bicycle ride.

I took part with some friends, riding my Biomega borrowed from the W Hotel.

I was meant to borrow a Danish Bullitt cargo bike from Erik Zo, who was kind enough to offer it to me, but not knowing where I'd end up in the course of the evening, or with whom and what not, I decided against it. I didn't want to be the man who got the bike stolen. :-) In lieu of borrowing the bike, Erik gave me a lift from the lecture back to my hotel.

The bicyle ride was quite brilliant, I must admit. It was definately more 'in your face' compared to the critical mass I was in in Budapest in September, but it certainly wasn't aggressive at all. The whole Halloween angle, with people dressed up in crazy costumes added to the festival atmosphere.

There were loads of people riding bicycles. Anybody know the number? I haven't been able to find the estimate.

The music in the video is by a friend of mine, Andy, in the UK. Atlum Schema is the name. Check it out at www.atlumschema.co.uk. This song of his seems to fit the video so perfectly.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you managed to enjoy my city.

Adrienne Johnson said...

Perfect music! A little Regan, a little cross dressing, a whole lotta bikes... : )

David Hembrow said...

Lovely video, as ever. You ask "There were loads of people riding bicycles. Anybody know the number?"

Accuracy is so important, and it's such a problem sometimes to find accurate figures, isn't it ?

BTW, you may have overlooked them with all these new posts you've been writing, but a few days ago people were asking you questions on one of your other blog posts.

Adrienne Johnson said...

I doubt anyone knows for sure how many people came to CM. As there is no official organizing body for it and the City pays as little (public) attention to it as they can I rarely see numbers published for any of the rides. This one was huge! It took about 10 minutes for the riders to clear each intersection once we all got moving.

It will be interesting to see what happens this year as Christmas Day is the last Friday of the month. I wonder how many people will show for that and how many of them will be Santa in a dress ; )

Isn't it fun to see how bicycles fit into the cultures of so many places and the changes that are coming out of them? It is wonderful to know how many people are discovering the joy of a life on a bicycle no matter where they are!