06 December 2009

Marketing Everyday Cycling

Danish Bicycle Culture Promotion 1995
This Danish advert promoting everyday cycling is from 1995. It's interesting from a marketing perspective and not a little rare. Usually well-known racing cyclists are enlisted to sell 'gear' and cycling as a sport.

This advert features the Danish racing cyclist Jesper Skibby. By the way, he's the only Dane and one of few professional cyclists to have won stages in the Big Three - Giro d'Italia, Tour de France and the Vuelta a Espana.

In Danish the Vuelta is called Spanien Rundt, or All Around Spain.

The advert rhymes in Danish so my translations are often rendered lame but here goes:

"It's hard to ride all around Spain [hard to ride the Vuelta is what that means]"

"And healthy to ride all year round"

Next to Jesper is the text "Jesper Skibby, winner of the 9th stage of the Vuelta a Espana".

I like the way that a racing cyclist and an everyday cyclist - in the form of the iconic Cycling Girl so well known in Danish history - are presented as equals. As though they each can inspire each other and they are both hardy and deserve respect. A refreshing lack of elitism.


Trolly said...

And a refreshing lack of disdain toward sport cycling. Does this mean a truce?

Kiwehtin said...

It is funny though how the everyday cyclist seems to be struggling; she's not in the normal sit-up-straight position that typical Danish cyclists seem to be in the majority of pictures you put up here.

Funny disconnect from the reality. Your cykelpigerne and cykel(poj?)erne don't give the same impression of putting huge effort into it...

Mikael said...

A truce? was there a war? presenting the fact that sports cyclists make up a tiny percentage of all cyclists in the world and advocating for everyday cycling isn't necessarily warfare.

interesting point. but this is a windy land and a stiff wind can be just as nasty as a steep hill. Hills end, wind keeps blowing. But it's a good illustration of the reality of cycling. they could have chosen a happy summer shot, but they chose a windy mood. Much like this typical approach on this brochure for adult education. no glamour, just getting on with it.

oh and it would be cykeldrengene, if the phrase existed.

Trolly said...


Not necessarily, but my point was that the ad is inclusive of different approaches to cycling, whereas your blog--with its majoritarian language of normalcy an--often isn't.

Just a cyclist said...

There are plenty of sites available for "the other approach of cycling".
I like them.