22 December 2009

Mayor of Toronto Cycles Copenhagen

The Mayor of Toronto, David Miller, out cycling in Copenhagen during the recent Climate Conference, like lots of other mayors.

He was test driving the new Copenhagen Wheel in the most dapper fashion.


Anonymous said...

"This bike is fantastic. It's incredible. It takes no effort... you start pedaling and the motor takes over. The mayor of Copenhagen made it happen."

I suppose we will see them in two places:
* Left at home (owner took bus to get iPhone fixed so they could ride the bike)
* In front of gym, where owner goes because they suddenly have so much energy.

Expensive bike. Gym membership. Need to buy a smart phone. Actually does not save anyone any time.

OK, who has more positive speculation?

Anonymous said...

Hi, here is some speculation from readers of the Guardian: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/blog/2009/dec/15/mit-copenhagen-wheel-green-bike

Mikael said...

more positive speculation? nope, not me.

although nice to see a mayor out cycling.

Anonymous said...

"It takes no effort" is the best advertisement this guy can think of for a bike?! With cycling advocates like him, who needs a car-lobby?

I'm definitely not against electric-assist as such, just against those that come packed with "solutions" to non-problems in the shape of superfluous, planned-obsolescent, weight-adding resource-wasting,expensive electronic greenwashy toyness.

Was this project funded by Apple?
Or is designing a simple, light, robust, locally repairable/upgradeable, future-proofed motor + power-source for bikes just too low-status a project for designers?


didrik said...

Why are people so afraid of physical effort? The guy in the Budapest video complained of having to carry his family's groceries a few blocks. So. It's not that hard.

I was in an electronics magastore the other day and they had electric assisted bikes for sale. The ads were "no effort" and "no sweat ride". There doesn't need to be a $1500 USD solution to this. The solution to both "problems" is SLOW THE F DOWN.

Erik Sandblom said...

If it gets people cycling, I'm all for it.