14 December 2009

Radio Wave Hackers Wanted in Copenhagen

I recieved this appeal from some grassroots activists here in Copenhagen.

It turns out that Bella Center - the conference centre where the Climate Conference is taking place - only has room for 15,000 people. In the conference's final phase, with all the prime ministers and presidents and all their homies, etc, there is limited room for the grassroots crowd.

Hi Mikael. Do you know anyone who is really good at radio/ hacking into radio waves. We need transmitters that we can bring into the conference and transmit a message in the last days because we the youth will not be able to enter.

The person asking is kosher and only wishes to transmit from inside. Nothing more than that.

If anyone can help, let me know at copenhagenize [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll put you/them into contact with the person in question.


kfg said...

You don't "hack into" radio waves any more than you "hack into" light waves.

If you want people to see, you turn on a light.

Mikael said...


EK said...

Sounds like he wants to transmit on some FM frequency and with enough power so that people more than a few feet away can pick it up on their radios. We call that pirate radio where I come from. It's not legal but it can be fun for both the broadcasters and listeners until the feds comes and confiscate the gear.