30 December 2009

Reindeer are soooo last year

Laura here in Copenhagen spotted this Father Christmas riding a Nihola cargo bike on christmas evening. A fetching red Nihola cargo bike matching his outfit.


Giorgio said...

Hi Laura,

I'd like to read a map of Copenaghen bike paths. I don't if it avalilable on line. Can you send me a link please?


Mikael said...

the map of bicycle infrastructure can be downloaded as a pdf here. produced by copenhagenize consulting.

Kiwehtin said...

That bike should be a Ni-ho-ho-ho-la, no?

Flying Pigeon LA said...

Every time I see something online about nihola bikes, I get fired up. They're just days away from arriving here in Los Angeles, and I'll have a chance to try selling a bit of Copenhagen cycling here in Los Angeles, the city of cars (but not for long!).

Giorgio said...

You wrote: """the map of bicycle infrastructure can be downloaded as a pdf here""".

But where.
If it isn't a problem for you, would you send me a link. Thanks.

Green Idea Factory said...

Many use the somewhat famous quote by H.G. Wells "When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race" as a kind of anti-car message, but my understanding is that Wells was actually commenting on people moving themselves instead of using horses.

However, I am not against the use of horses for slow movement of small amounts of goods or persons when there is very little risk from motor vehicle collisions and emissions.

On the other hand so much freight traffic is movement of stupid, useless crap.