16 January 2010

Bicycle Parking Ahead

Bicycle Parking Ahead
A sign that read "Bicycle Parking 'Forbudt'" Forbudt meaning Forbidden.
Some clever soul removed the appropriate letters so that it now reads:

Bicycle Parking Ahead, or In Advance.

If a cleverer soul came by, they could put and 'H' in between the 'R' and the 'U' and it would read:

"Bicycle Parking Foreskin".

Amusing, perhaps. Funny. Like haha funny. Innit.


Adrienne Johnson said...

If the bicycle parking has a foreskin, does it need a bike mechanic to perform the Bris?

Anonymous said...


check i out..

Mikael said...

chicks and bikes. one of many copycat blogs.

wee folding bike said...

Don't forget Women and Dogs.


It got Dave Gorman started on his Googlewhack adventure:


I saw him on his UK cycle tour last year. He went to the northern, western, eastern and southern most points of the UK by bike and did a show every night.


Bris is unusual in Europe.

Michael said...

Wow, I would have guessed that forhud meant forehead, based on my 3rd grade reading knowledge of Danish... glad I wasn't given a chance to test that theory.

Mikael said...

forehead is 'pande'
head is 'hoved'
forhoved means nada

3D said...

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