26 January 2010

Bicycle Poetry Installation

Bicycle Poetry
Found this bicycle art installation thing the other night in the Vesterbro neighbourhood. Bicycle frames accompanied by poetry. One poem on each side. Lovely.

"I have felt
and thought
and longed
on a bicycle
and I think I will continue cycling
until death rips the saddle away from under me."


"I often look out the window
watching for the postman
as he parks his bicycle
at door after door
until he reaches mine."

It's on the corner of Dybbølsgade and Sommerstedgade, if you're in the neighbourhood.


lagatta à montréal said...


Nico F said...

Very cool. The light from underneath is great.

Dana said...

There are a lot of bikes in the Netherlands, and a whole lotta biking, but I have not seen this kind of art installation projects dedicated to the biking culture. Kudos!

Urbanplannercyclisthousebuilderetc... said...

Hi Mikael
I live quite close (Godsbanegade), and pass it everyday!
It was created by the old leadguitarist in Gasolin, Franz Beckerlee and there was a debate about its delay in the Vesterbro paper a while ago.

Nice to meet you at Islands Brygge 37, the other day!