13 January 2010

Cycling Holiday in Denmark - Aalborg to Skagen

12 to Gjøl. Less to Vejlen
Intersection in a rural area of Northern Denmark. The fully separated bike lane next to the road, typical for areas like this, is visible on the right of the photo.

A travel writer friend of mine, Tom Hall, has posted his account of his cycling tour of northern Denmark on his blog. Cycling in Denmark - Aalborg to Skagen.

Fits well with the recent post about the national cycling routes and downloadable maps and all that.

An excerpt about the national cycle network:
"The result served as the blueprint for our own National Cycle Network – and is a boon for holidaymakers. It only goes wrong when you ignore it and attempt to build your own route visiting nearby places with silly-sounding names like Pajhede Skov and Uggerby. I learnt this to my cost mid-morning, when pondering that the bloke I was passing on my left hitting golf balls looked just like the bloke I’d passed twenty minutes ago on my right. He was the same chap. Lesson learnt: stick to the signed route.

Chastened, I returned to route 3 and, turning back into a London cyclist, started chasing the only other riders I saw all day. They seemed to be wearing their Sunday best and riding bikes straight out of Last of the Summer Wine. I expected to catch them quickly. They disappeared over the next hill and I didn’t see them again.

It's a cracking travel article and almost makes me want to visit the provinces this summer. Almost. Alas, a decent café latte is hard to find. But definately a good read about cycling holidays in Denmark.


Tom said...

Hi Mikael, Thanks for the link! I owe you some pictures of bike racks at Arsenal Stadium, now full every game!

Mikael said...

my pleasure.
and yes... i eagerly await the stadium racks photos. are we calling it Arsenal Stadium now?

Tom said...

Well that depends if you're a purist or not. Congrats on the new year's Eve photo, the best yest. Oh, and you can get a mean cafe latte in Aalborg and Skagen!

pegamento said...

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