28 January 2010

Driving Makes You Goofy

Vintage Goofy transformed into a madman behind the wheel, posted originally by Carlton over at Quickrelease.tv.


portlandize.com said...

Even back when a car was my sole transportation, it often occurred to me that it seemed otherwise rational, kind, gentle people suddenly became extremely rude and sure of all kinds of personal rights they don't actually have, did stupid, irrational and dangerous things, and just generally changed dramatically.

Now, being out on a bicycle and having to observe that behavior from outside the "safe box" of my automobile, it gives it a whole new light :)

Anonymous said...

It was obvious back then to Walt but to this day not enough by the happy motoring public. "He considers himself a good driver but once behind the wheel a strange phenomena takes place." Walker, overcome with power, becomes a Motorist. "Of course I own the road... I paid for it".

I always wondered if the ability to manage these aggressive traits could be objectively tested and included in tests to get a license.

kerryindenver said...

I must admit, the same thing happens to me. I wish my city had the infrastructure needed to make cars unnecessary.