06 January 2010

Getaway Bicycle

You have to get a kick out of this from tonight's news. A man robbed a bank branch today. He went in, took a number and stood in the queue and then, when it was his turn, he pulled a gun and took some money.

On the news the police put out a description of him.

Chubby male between 40-50
175 cm tall
Dark grey jacket
Black Adidas jogging pants
Dark wool hat and black sunglasses


Black ladies bicycle.

Apparently he rode away from the bank on the bicycle, outrunning the bank employees who ran after him.

There were no children on the bicycle.


Green Idea Factory said...

In the USA cycling is illegal because bank robbers might use bikes.

l' homme au velo said...

He was very Polite wasnt he and he did not Skip the Queue,a bit like Monty Poynton. Something like this happened in Dublin some Years ago .When A Man went into a Suburban Bank and grabbed a load of Cash from the Counter and made a Run for it and got away on his Bicycle with a few Thousand Irish Pounds . as far as I know he was not caught.

Adrienne Johnson said...

I think it is funny that someone robbed a bank on a granny bike. Especially as we chase bank robbers with helicopters here in the US : )

Anonymous said...

Well, here in Belgium, in June, a guy left the bank he just robbed with his bike and.... lost the money on his way...
Here is the newspaper link (translated by google):

kfg said...

". . .we chase bank robbers with helicopters here in the US . . ."

Where, in these hard economic times, we can't afford to close the last few gaps in the already extant bike paths.

But we've doubled the helicopter fleet and quadrupled the hours they operate . . . at a cost of about $2000 per chopper per HOUR.


I'm not exactly sure what the helicopters are doing most of that time ( I suspect joy spying), as the cops now chase the drug dealers by bicycle, because they got tired of the drug dealers always being able to outrun their cars - by bicycle.

dyrlægen said...

There was a robber in the uk who, instead of using a bike, took a taxi home afterwards. Not very bright. The police asked the taxi man for his address. But he made it onto the TV news, so not a completely bad day.

LGV said...

that's a fun way to show how all that modernism is useless