08 February 2010

Action on the Streets

Double Decker Snow Racks
The double decker bike racks at the nation's busiest station, Nørreport.
There's lots of action on the streets of the city these days.
Bike Lane Snowplough
There was actually two of these bicycle lane snowploughs, the other one is up ahead. I rode keirin behind them for a ways.
Like this guy.

Style and Snow Removal
Removing the frozen snow drifts is now the main priority. Unless it snows again.


Anonymous said...

Copenhagenize the planet? Not when it comes to dealing with snow. ...considering it's a Scandinavian capital, it's quite ridiculous how roads have not been cleaned up for days...

Mikael said...

the bike lanes are cleared, the traffic flows.

if you're talking about the snowdrifts, that's different. they're working on that.

Anonymous said...

How do you put bikes on the upper row?

Mikael said...

you lift them. like people have done for a century.

interestingly, many of the bikes on the top row in copenhagen are ladies upright bikes so it's not like it's hard to lift them. :-)

William said...

In a lot of places (Nørreport station, Valby station) the double-decker parking spaces are recessed into the ground, so you don't have to lift them so high.
I think the most cumbersome part is if you forget to lock the bike first, and you have to reach up to the lock. Difficult!