28 February 2010

Cyclists Rewarded With Hot Cocoa in Randers

Cyclists rewarded with hot cocoa
Cyclists crossing the bicycle bridge over the harbour in Randers were rewarded with hot cocoa last week. Randers is a provincial town in Jutland with about 60,000 citizens. The city's traffic department and the European Union programme Trendy Travel and Beredskabstjenesten [anyone have a good translation for THAT?] set up a table and offered winter cyclists a hot drink of chocolate goodness in the morning as a pat on the back for cycling in this year's harsh winter.

Not everyone fancied stopping - cycling is A to B business in Denmark and when you leave A you generally just want to get to B - but a number of people took up the offer of cocoa. Like Ilse Andreasen, above.

She rides her bicycle to work all year round, except for about five days when it's too slippery. She said to Randers Amts newspaper that it has to be exceptionally cold before she freezes. Good on you, Ilse.

The free cocoa is the first of a series of initiatives scheduled for the spring that will place focus on the benefits of cycling to work.

Here's the warm cocoa ready for the cyclists.

Spoil your Citizen Cyclists wherever possible. That's what we say.

Via Randers Amtsavisen.


Green Idea Factory said...

Did that guy on the moped get some, too? (Personally, I would have served him without grief, because friendliness is more important than mobility mode.)

Timothy said...

If this google translation is correct, it means Emergency Management Agency.


Using a Danish to English Dictionary I had come up with "Prepared to Serve"

This seems to be a logo of some type for them:


Sirius7dk said...

Beredskabsstyrelsen calls themselves the "Danish Emergency Management Agency" on their English website http://www.brs.dk/uk/

Back to the topic: I wonder if the British "Cycling City" Bristol will get so far as to give cyclists hot chocolate before I move to back to Denmark or to the Netherlands to use proper cycling infrastructure :)

Rasmus Jensen

LGV said...

that's a very good way to say thanks to the people who respect the planet and to give energy

l' homme au velo said...

Last Year when we had Bike Week and a Day in Phoenix Park Dublin in June. I said to some Council Members that they should do something like this give out a few Freebies like 200 sets of Lights and Stuff,little things like that since they are always complaining about Cyclists without Lights.

I also said for Bike Week they could give a Coffee with a Biscuit or a Scone to Cyclists going over the Canal Bridges to Work,The Royal and Grand Canals. It is the thought that counts,it is a nice Gesture.

They apologised and said everything was done in a rush as it was the first time they had a Bike Week and said they would be better organised next time, here's hoping they Dole out the Coffee and a Biccy in future.

Peter said...

what is the heat source for that incredible cauldron of hot chocolate? And did they serve all of it?