15 February 2010

Daycare Bicycles

Daycare Bicycles
The vast majority of parents to children at our daycare drop off/pick up their kids on bicycles. Last Friday the children dressed up in costumes to celebrate Fastelavn, the millenia-old Nordic pagan version of the carnival celebrating the approaching spring.

The parents were invited to hang out and have a cup of coffee and a fastelavn pastry, which is why there is congestion in the bicycle parking out front. Normally, the drop off / pick up times are scattered all over the morning / afternoon depending on each family's routine so it was cool to see the armada of bicycles all at once. This is just one angle. I was in a hurry. The bicycles continue around the corner and into the beyond.

It's different at schools where the bell rings daily at 08:00 so there is an intense flow of bicycles approaching my son's school in the 10-15 minutes up to the bell. Get there early to get a good bike parking spot.


Pete Kapsha said...

i've noticed that none of the bicycles are locked up; wish it was like that here in Kamloops. bike thievery is rampant here and chances are if you leave a bike unlocked and out of your view, it'll get stolen. very inspiring to see all those families with their bikes.

m e l i g r o s a said...

aw this is really awesome - I enjoy reading about the coffee affinity is global and a must for every parent, my mom always had to have her coffee before dropping me off at school, I then thought it was silly – now I completely understand ;-)

Matt said...

The summer school holidays are over here in NZ, and the morning traffic jams with all the kids getting dropped off at school in their parent's 4WDs and SUVs are noticeable again. Even the air seems more laced with diesel.

If we sent our transport planners back to school, they'd drive there.

Planned spending over the next year on highway projects in Wellington - $2,500,000,000.00. Planned bike infrastructure spending - $0.00. So it's not going to change anytime soon.

Sirius7dk said...


Chances are that all the bikes are locked because most (+90%) bikes in Denmark use a variant of this type of lock http://www.hcta.dk/fundanemt/site_graphics/Kap2_Loes_eller_fastmonteret_laas_005_.jpg

Rasmus Jensen

Mikael said...

sirius: you're right but pete is, too, in this case. most parents don't lock their bikes outside this daycare. it's at the end of a dead end street so there's no need.

tsalyards said...

My how things differ in the USA. Here I am the ONLY parent who drops off/picks up by bicycle at daycare(and people think I'm a maniac for it).

I really ought to move.

Adrienne Johnson said...

Even though the school is only two blocks away, my youngest child is very excited to be able to ride his bike there when he starts Kindergarten in the Fall. When that happens, all of my kids will be riding to school, gliding past the flotilla of vans and station wagons that can't move because of the congestion : )I am hoping it will bring more people into the cycling loop.

SushiK said...

More photos, please!

Anonymous said...

But what if it rains???
(just messing with you, ofcourse you'd need a 4x4 SUV range rover jeep vehicle for that, gotta remember anglo-american kids melt very easily)

Flying Pigeon LA said...

Pete Kapsha,

Most of those bikes have built in locks that prevent the bike from rolling away (unless you hoist it up and carrying it off). The Nihola cargo trikes (I count three in the picture) are over 60 pounds each and not so easy to walk away with! I sell these here in Los Angeles, and this makes it quite nice when you go shopping. Good luck stealing one of those!

I suppose I should do a Nihola tour of day care facilities in Los Angeles. That might help move things in a positive direction in this car town.