01 February 2010

Maybe We Moved Your Bicycle

I spotted this around Nørreport metro station. A sign from the City of Copenhagen. The train and metro station are the busiest in the nation. This is, apparently, a rescue zone in case of an accident.

The sign reads:

Rescue Zone
Is your bicycle gone?
Maybe it's in the bike rack on Israel's Square.
We moved it to be on the safe side. [or 'for the sake of safety']

I like the gentle, helpful tone. What a nice sign. The City moves bicycles a hundred metres away to a large bike rack on the nearby square so that the rescue zone is kept clear and they let you know where you can, perhaps, find it.


Vera said...

Why do they move the bicycles? Is there a risk of theft, of overriding them? Just curiosity. :-)

Mikael said...

i embellished the post, vera. it wasn't clear, i suppose.

it's a rescue zone in case of an accident or something on the metro.

John Romeo Alpha said...

I guess the bikes are not locked? Or not locked to something, perhaps only with a wheel lock? If they were locked to something, do the authorities destroy the lock to move the bike? I had the same question in a video about overcrowded bicycle parking, where you may return at day's end to discover your machine has been moved, which would be irritating yes, but even more if the lock was destroyed in the process.

Mikael said...

almost all bicycles here in copenhagen are only locked with wheel locks.

Anonymous said...

Wow! How far away is that square? It is impressive considering the labor involved if there were a few bikes... but, seriously man, what would happen IF the bikes were locked to something?

Mikael said...

As mentioned in the post, the square is about 100 m away. if the bikes were locked to something i assume the city would have to cut the lock to remove them from the rescue zone.

they are given to the police, i believe.

then, if you can't find it, you report it stolen on the police website. your frame serial number will then come up as a match with a bike in police care and you can pick it up.

Jessie said...

That's much nicer than the note I got from the university where I work when locked my bike to a railing outside my office: "Bikes are to be attached to the bike racks ONLY. This violates campus policy as it creates a safety hazard. Bike will be removed by campus police if not moved immediately."

Upon receiving this note, I scoured the university's website and found no mention of any such policy. I emailed campus police asking where I could find this policy, as well as how I might find the location of bike racks near my office, and got no response.