18 February 2010

The Portland Wall

The People's Department of Transportation, in Portland, has issued a communique about The Wall that restricts urban mobility in the city.

Ignoring the Bull, restricting citizens from moving freely through their urban landscape, spending $100,000 more on a Wall than what a crosswalk would have cost.

Brilliant film. Brilliant.

Maybe we should organize a Bike Lift to ferry food and drink to those cut off on either side.


spiderleggreen said...

"Designed by someone who never has to use this." is all you need to know.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I know this is OT in regards to the actual wall, but for safety sake, maybe they should consider a Hedokio (Crosswalks in Tokyo and most of Japan)

Sam Goater said...

is this really portland?

Green Idea Factory said...

Fantasy: Would be nice to install a car-lift* on either side of the OWs** from the collective PT egress points to each other.

Reality: Does Copenhagen or DK have regulations regarding zebra crossings, in regards to maximum spacing between them? There are some wide car-dominated streets in CPH, and zebras with counters are at all or most logical points for expected PATS*** behaviour... so suppose I'm just asking if the zebra shown in this clip could be an example of Copenhagenization****

Solidarity and context: Some of my favourite posts herein are those which do not discuss cycling directly. With a larger view, we know what to do!


* Drivers would have to stop, get on a elevator (lift) one-by-one, pay a fee and then ascend/descend to the other side. The ped section would be open 24/7.

** Organic Walkways - How people move naturally, not dictated by paths or other concerns, generally in a straight-ish line (as I understand how English park paths are designed -- they plant grass and see which paths people take, then surface those in some way).

*** Pedestrian at the Side: Where they are on most car-dominated streets (urban roads).

**** Don't just mime it, FEEL it!

GEH said...

Good to see a bus in the background with a bike carrier on the front: someone getting their bike off. That's 1 positive part of the clip!

Jonathan Maus/BikePortland said...

For more coverage of "The Portland Wall" including quotes about why it was erected from Portland Mayor Sam Adams, see the story I just published.