20 February 2010

PRESTO - New EU Project for Cycling as Transport

PRESTO – “Promoting Cycling for Everyone as a Daily Transport Mode” is a new project of the EU’s Intelligent Energy – Europe Programme granted by the Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI).

PRESTO is about competence building in cycling policies. The project aims to offer a set of tools for technicians to create cycle friendly urban environments, to implement sound cycling plans and to start up targeted promotion campaigns.

The five PRESTO cities are:
Bremen (Germany): 650 km of bike-lanes inside of streets, incl. stripes and advisory lanes, and the highest rate of bike-transport in cities over half a million inhabitants of Germany. More than 42.000 bike-trips a day are made into the city centre and one third of the trips in Bremen are longer than 6 km. This is remarkable, because the average bike distance in Germany is about 3 km and 85% of the trips are no longer than 6 km.

Grenoble (France): 300km of reserved cycle paths in the agglomeration and three outlets rent “Métro-vélo” bicycles to the public. The Métro contributes to improving the safety of “soft modes” by encouraging communes to create 30km/h zones to slow car traffic.

As well as, Tczew (Poland), Venice (Italy) and Zagreb (Croatia).


SteveL said...

Grenoble should be ideal. Excellent weather all summer, utterly flat in the city, good leisure cycling at weekends up the valleys or the mountains. But there's an autoroute along every valley and a sprawl that goes with it. Even if they (finally) make the old town bike and pedestrian only (plus the trams), there's still that sprawl to deal with.

Mikael said...

copenhagen has the third largest urban sprawl in europe and we've dealt with it...:-)

bike said...

these town bikes has sprawl to dealwith long distance rides

wee folding bike said...

Are the document downloads broken?

Anonymous said...

As well as, ..... Venice (Italy)

Think this must be a mistake ? I don't recall seeing anybody on a bike.

Anonymous said...

Not Venice island, but Mestre :)