01 February 2010

Salt Shortage - Priority for Bicycles

Interiors: Salt
The City of Copenhagen issued a press release last Friday about how the City's stash of salt for the roads and bicycle lanes is very low due to the snowstorms of the past few weeks.

Salting: Bicycle Lanes and the main roads have the highest priority

Because of the hard winter conditions of the past several weeks there is a shortage of road salt all over Denmark, including Copenhagen. We must therefore prioritize which roads and paths we salt.

At the moment we are prioritising the bicycle lanes/cycle tracks as well as the main approach roads to the city, so that the police and ambulances can get in.

Bike Lane Maintenence
Nice to see they have their priorities right. And even with another snowstorm on it's way to Denmark - the third in a week - the bicycle lanes must be kept clear.


Scottish Cyclist said...

Wow the contrast between Denmark's capital and Scotland's capital city really are quite stark! I suppose that is the difference between having a bicycling culture and merely say you want one.

AfroCommuterWPB said...

Maybe this is a good thing. It may cause your government to seek an alternative solution to de-icing your roadsways....unless your cities do not suffer from this...

Anonymous said...

Well done Copenhagen...guess who is who is last on the UK's list of priorities....not cyclists...we are aeven lower down the food chain...no salt for us!