31 March 2010

Beauty and the Bike in Darlington

Beautiful little film about the brilliant Beauty and the Bike project in Darlington, UK. Absolutely wonderful stuff.


Anonymous said...

It is a wonderful project.

I bought the book and the DVD and I can highly recommend both.

I'd like to see something like that here in Australia

Paul Martin
Brisbane, Australia

Kim said...

The nail was banged on the head when they spoke of inconsiderate drivers and being treated as second class citizens. Sad to say but until there is a change of attitude among the British people cycling will not be fully accepted. A lot of it is snobishness, cyclist are looked down on as being too poor to own a car. However, things are slowly beginning to change, but very slowly.

johnfreddie53 said...

It looks like a wonderful program and I wish you luck with it.

John Tucker
Lampertheim, Germany