01 April 2010

#30DaysofBiking in April

#30DaysofBiking is the Twitter tag for an initative started by Zachariah Schaap(@zachamon) & Patrick Stephenson(@patiomensch)in Minneapolis, USA. 30daysofbiking has an article in a local newspaper over there.

It's a great way to get people onto bikes but also to get them to develop the habit.

The only rule for 30 Days of Biking is that you bike every day for 30 days—around the block, 20 miles to work, whatever suits you—then tweet about your adventures with the tag #30daysofbiking. Event starts on April 1 and ends on April 30!

Go for it!
Thanks to Kelly for the link.


AdamBez said...

Just a note but #30daysofbiking was not started by Jordan Smith, but rather Zachariah Schaap(@zachamon) & Patrick Stephenson(@patiomensch)in Minneapolis, MN. See: http://www.startribune.com/local/stpaul/89650282.html?elr=KArksUUUycaEacyU

But thanks for supporting us.

Mikael said...

thanks. fixed.

Jordan A. Smith said...

Nope, I was just a guest blogger.

Klaus Mohn said...

Taking it up! It won't be much of a challenge really, but I'm planning on trying to commute the whole way to work (20 km return, instead of 4 km to the metro station). Maybe try to do that every day, at least for a week.

Mikael said...

Yeah, 'challenge' may be an exaggeration here in copenhagen or holland or other european cities but it's a great idea!