30 April 2010

Cop Doing the Right Thing

Naughty Motorist
Spotted outside my flat. A motorcycle cop ticketing a motorist for something. All while a Copenhagener cycles gracefully past.


tensaimon said...

hahaha, I do the same thing nowadays - I've found myself offering up a silent cheer every time I see a cop has stopped a car or motorbike.

Good to see I'm not the only one.

Erik Sandblom said...

I was once ticketed on my bicycle and since then I look more carefully before performing certain actions. Sometimes I notice things after a second look, which I didn't notice the first time. So maybe these tickets cause cyclists to take a little more care in traffic?

Lately the police have started handing out free, batteryless bike lights to those caught in the dark without lights.

Maybe they should hand out free stickers from the Slow Bicycle Movement too? :)