27 April 2010

Kobra Bicycles

Swedish National Television [SVT] has a cool programme called Kobra and they placed their focus on the bicycle in an episode entitled "Will the bicycle outcompete the car?"

The entire episode is available for viewing online right here. It's available online until 15 June, 2010.

Now, it's in Swedish, not surprisingly, but three of the four interviews are in English. There is a great bit about Camille J. McMillan, cycle racing photographer on the job in Belgium, an interview with David Byrne and a short bit with me. A telephone interview as I was unfortunately not available when they were filming in Copenhagen. Then there's a bit in Svenorsk, I think, about Gehl Architects work in Mexico City.


Kristoffer said...

Great stuff! (I think the Gehl architect was from Iceland...)

Lasse said...

Kobra is the coolest show around! Now your famous in Sweden! It is about time more none swedes come to know this show. Take a look @ the old stuff too!

... by the way the architect speaking from Gehl is Norwegian.

Boy on a bike said...

Very cool show - thanks for the link.