29 April 2010

Lock, Stock and Barcelona

Barcelona Street Installation and Protest
During my stay in Barcelona recently I walked past this clothing rack securely locked to a lamppost. My friend Txell told me the story.

Locking your bicycle to benches, lampposts, railings, etc is not allowed in Barcelona. One chap who had his bicycle lock cut and his ride removed by the city couldn't be bothered to pay the €60 fee to get his bicycle back.

Instead, he invested the money in a whole bunch of locks and promptly proceeded to lock all manner of objects to lampposts and railings all around town. This clothing rack is one of the lesser impressive objects. Txell has seen a sofa locked up and a microwave oven, too.

This humble protest action has become street art installation and it still continues. Brilliant.


txell said...

above is the link of the project, plenty of hilarious pictures

Kim said...

Brilliant :-)

Stefan said...

Too cool!

Yo Yo said...

Very cool indeed! It's amazing how many places (even places that seem bike friendly) don't have bike racks in my city (Tampa, FL). So glad we don't have silly rules like this though!

Anonymous said...

If the clothes rail & chain were a bit more robust, you could lock your bike to that instead :)

tensaimon said...

ha, great bit of creative protest against a bit of obsessive and unecessary latin lawmaking

maxrad said...

Unneccessarily Latin, lawmaking, tensaimon? Try this similar bit of protest from the early days of teh interwebs: http://www.whatshouldiputonthefence.co.uk/
Same concept, 15 years ago, in another (non-latinate) country

lifestraveller said...

Super cool story!! To lock bikes to lampposts and others is also forbidden in Sevilla, but so far I haven't heard of anyone who has been given a fine for it. It would be RIDICULOUS to do such a thing, since the bike racks are very few compared to the amount of bikes and there's no way on earth that we can leave the bikes only locked to the wheel like in CPH (gone in probably less than a minute :-)).

It also surprises me how people in my old apartment would always complain about my bike being locked in the nice yard we had, as if it was an ugly view that broke the armony of the place. Stupid thinking. I think that bikes everywhere just gives more armony since it shows that the city and different places are made for the people. Unfortunately, they don't think like I do :-(