30 May 2010

Bike Lanes on Bloor

The annual Bells on Bloor Musicial Ride in Toronto took place yesterday. They want to see bike lanes on Bloor St.

Looks like a wonderful day out!

There's a photo set by Martin Reis on Flickr about the ride.

Thanks to Hamish for the link.


Kevin Love said...

Although I live in Toronto, me and my Pashley were unable to participate in this event.

Work... its a four-letter word.

What I found most interesting about the video was the bicycle traffic jam at 4:26.

txell said...


BikeBike said...


Adrienne Johnson said...

Hurray for bicycle protests!!! This is what true Critical Mass is all about and I am happy to see it alive and well!!

happyd said...

the great thing about this event is that we were escorted by the police and so it was very peaceful.

with the police escort, motorists' tempers were in check!

no irate people in cars yelling or screaming at the cyclists!