11 May 2010

Greece Bicycle Demonstrations

Athens - 8000 participants.

I recieved an update from a Greek friend and reader - Theodore - who reported on this year's bicycle rides in Athens and many other cities around Greece.

Nothing has changed since last year (except that more people are using bicycles), so here we are again, asking for bicycle routes, the right to carry bicycles on the subway and trains, more sidewalks for pedestrians, etc.

Here's a link to a Greek website about the ride in Athens.


Here's a link to coverage from other Greek cities, including Thessaloniki, above.

Here's a short YouTube clip from the ride in Patras.

I got this off the website last year. Lovely to see some Copenhagen Blue inspiring Greece.


juillet said...

This is so great!! I want to go to Greece so bad.

Sofia said...

Thanx for the support :)

Greek television and newspapers never ever mention anything about bike events.Bike reality is invisible as though we are a kind of U.F.O'S...

Luckily,this year's bike demonstration was the biggest ever,more people get into bicycling...

Unluckily,our effort and demands have always been treated as a way/word of hope to win the elections,and noone has ever done a single serious step to help the bike community blossom.

Take care

Greetings from Greece


Kostas said...

If you are coming to Greece don't hesitate to write about your visit in a bicycle forum (www.podilates.gr is probably the place to start, you can use english). The cycling community is very enthusiastic and you'll have the chance to meet a lot of new friends. Besides the chances are that circulation in Greece is probably not something you are prepared for so you'd better ask those who know about it. And don't expect to find any "official" information about how to move around by bike, which roads to chose etc.

See you!

christhebull said...

I thought the protestors about the austerity measures had got onto bikes when I read this.