12 May 2010

Pick a Poster, Any Poster

Svajerløb / DM for Ladcykler Poster Prototype 01
Help me out here, readers. Copenhagenize.com is proud to be one of the sponsors of this year's Svajerløb - Danish Cargo Bike Championships 2010 on June 26, 2010 here in Copenhagen. (the day after the Velo-City conference - so we're hoping for some strong foreign teams - but we'll blog about that later)

We've blogged about the Svajere - the original bike messengers - before and here's our coverage of last year's race.

ANYWAY... I've been whipping together some rough prototypes for posters. Here they are. Which one do you like the best? There's a poll at the end of this post.

Svajerløb / DM for Ladcykler Poster Prototype 02
The text reads:
Firmacyklen.dk and Larry vs Harry present
A Copenhagen tradition.

But just look at the designs and give me your gut feeling.
Svajerløb / DM for Ladcykler Poster Prototype 03

Thanks for taking the time to help us out.


Catherine said...

Make it a poster people will want to keep up in their houses after the event. Love you featuring a utility bike.

Change the brown bike to any other color (brown + red = ick!). Try a deep purple blue background. Keep the sponsors names smaller (think they would agree to just let the bottom icons suffice?)

Good Luck! Catherine

blighty rider said...

I have no idea about brown and red being ick but the second one is much better than the first, which looks to busy. The third one looks plain wrong. I have no idea what they say, I'm English after all, but the second one, more or less, gives me the gist of the poster.

Paige said...

I kind of like the brown and red, but I'm sure I'd also like other color combinations. I definitely prefer the second one though.

Paul Souders said...

#2 is fabulous. I have no problem with brown and red either, but green or blue & red would be punchier.

Cristina said...

I like the second one as well...far and above the others.

David S F said...

Absolutely #2. It looks fun and inviting.

Klaus Mohn said...

I don't associate the letter "S" with cargo bike racing, so it's not clear to me. I'm not sure the word/idea "svaejere" is strong enough to carry it, even in Danish. So I don't really "get" #1 & #3... and #2 happens to be superb. The trike works out great. Not quite Otl Aicher in its universality, but great nonetheless.

l' homme au velo said...

Second one is Ace, it does it for me. It actually shows a Clear Picture of a Bicycle whereas the others does not.

Anonymous said...

Even though I understand basic Danish, I find #1 & 3 unattractive. They don't caught my eyes and the big "s" is too much.

Robert P said...

Wow- 86% (so far) for No.2!