14 May 2010

Short Short Trips by Bike

Riga Bike Signage
Increasing the number of short trips taken by bicycle is one of the keys to encouraging citizens to choose the bicycle.

But this short is maybe a little silly.

As seen in Riga, Latvia, last year. Although the city IS working on separated infrastructure, it must be said, and enjoys up to 7% modal split for bicycles in the summer months. Around 2% in the winter, apparently.


Frits B said...

I think what you see here is unnecessary application of the rules. The alleyway is for pedestrians and bicycles only, so if there is a sign saying so, there *must* also be a sign un-saying so. A case of quote-unquote. And it's not limited to cities like Riga. Oh no.

Kim said...

Looks like Riga has imported transport planners from the UK ;-)

Edgars said...

Yee.. we have large problem with bicycle lines there.. In 10 years only 2 lines was build and pedestrians still ignoring cyclist on bike lines - even call them crazy. Positive moment is that count of cyclers is increasing every year. Traffic safety also going to improvement, because of police activities and penalties for car drivers(not by improving infrastructure).
I really hope Latvia will reach WesternEurope level of cycling some day, but seems it wouldn`t be so soon.

Green Idea Factory said...

Actually this is a kind of sci-fi thing funded by legal associations in both Australia and the USA:

If you enter this alley on a bike you are instantly transported into a different dimension where every single cobblestone is managed by a private-public partnership with its own team of lawyers, who will intervene and obstruct your path until you sign a waiver and so on (using their 3G-equipped iPads).

But of course I totally agree with Frits B: The sign mafia in both Berlin and Prague would mark this space the same way. So this carfree alleyway is a nice thing, but is there a way to make the signage more positive?