29 May 2010

Yehuda Moon in Copenhagen

Yehuda Moon in Copenhagen
Yehuda Moon in Copenhagen. I swear to Odin, he was right there in front of me. Okay, it's actually Anthony Siracusa from Memphis and he had never heard of Yehuda Moon, but hey.

And how weird is this... I go onto the Yehuda Moon website just now and they have a look-a-like contest running.


anna said...

Yeah, yeah, coincidence. But that one will be hard to beat.

Online Services said...

Yes it will... would you like to submit this photo to the contest?

Rick Smith

Rick Smith said...

Ah - just saw that you already had - thanks!

ines said...

The first time I saw the Yehuda Moon cartoon and the look-a-like contest I thought wow, that looks like Anthony. He will win the contest. Please say hi to him from Ines

Anonymous said...

Hey! You won! Congratulations! (apologies for sounding like spam) Great comic strip.

David in Silver Lake