21 June 2010


New Yorkers in Copenhagen
Sorry for not having the time to write of late. After my visit to Dublin [WHAT a cycling town!] I've been busy preparing for the Velo-City Global 2010 Conference.

It kind of kicked off today, even though it starts tomorrow. I took Janette Sadik-Khan - NY's Commissioner for Transport [can never remember all those fancy titles] and a group of New Yorkers - and a Chicagoen - on a little tour of Copenhagen's bicycle life´, together with Jeff from the League of American Bicyclists.

It was a lovely bike ride around the city. Showing off the highlights.

Tomorrow morning I'm hosting - again with The League - a tour around the city for a large group of American and Canadian delegates, with a stop/photo op at the American Embassy for good measure.

Then Velo-City kicks off at noon. Should be great. I'll be giving my keynote at 09:30 on Wednesday.

Welcome to Copenhagen, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Are you planning on writing anything about your trip to Dublin? I'd be interested to hear your impressions.

l' homme au velo said...

Ditto ,I said as much on your Companion Blog Cyclechic .com. I am interested in your opinion of the Bike scene in Dublin,what you thought of the Crap Infrastructure. Cycling is very Popular in Dublin now ,even at 2.00am in the Morning People are Socialing with their Bikes at Clubs and Pubs all very Normal unlike 10 - 15 Years ago.

Did you get a chance to do a bit of Cycling around the Streets to Evaluate things. Also a report on the Bike Fashion Show,I did not hear much about it so far.

Anonymous said...

So glad you're meeting with our hero from NYC!
(maybe mention to her that we need more separated lanes and better traffic enforcement please)

Kevin Love said...

I hope that you confiscated those bike helmets!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I'm giving you insufficient credit for subtlety of expression, but I think that "busybody" does not mean what you think it does, since the posting does not feature anyone interfering in the business of anyone else.

Pete K said...

i'd be interested in hearing the names of some of those canadian delegates. i was under the impression that cycling was one of those practices that canadian politicians were terribly out of touch and unfamiliar with.

Anonymous said...

Mikael in Dublin:


(The captcha word verification I just got is "cityho". Quite funny.)

Severin said...

Awesome, you got to give Janette Sadik Khan (spell check)... I hope her visit makes a lasting impression, and that the inspiration makes its way to Los Angeles.

Severin said...

forgot important word, you got to give her a tour

Philip Smith said...

I'd also be interested to hear about Dublin. Hope you get the time to write it up.