07 June 2010

Mobile Bike Workshop in Copenhagen

The Bikeman
There are very few things that can't be done by bicycle in Copenhagen. We often blog about the various cargo bike variations in this city.

Meet Jacob - aka The Bikeman. He's a bike mechanic with a rolling workshop. He has everything he needs in his cargo box, including a portable stand for suspending bikes. He'll go anywhere you need him to on his Bullitt in the city centre.

Jacob also has arrangements with various companies. He comes out during work hours and the employees can go down and get their bikes adjusted, tuned, de-squeaked, whatever you need. No need to sacrifice your bicycle for a day by chucking it into a bikeshop. Brilliant.

The professional bikeshop comes to you.

If you're in Copenhagen and need to get a hold of The Bikeman, ring 28 40 35 67.


Kim said...

Here in Edinburgh there is an organisation called the Bike Station who do what they call Dr. Bike sessions. Nothing unusual in that, the irony is they feel the need to use a van in order to be taken seriously, which speaks volumes about attitudes to cycling in the UK.

Anonymous said...

Can't be as good as Bicycle Repair Man!

Green Idea Factory said...

Hooray! But what new excuse can I make to visit my mistress during the day?

Sunglasses said...

Really cool concept :)