30 June 2010

Police Clear Bicycles

Bike Clearance 1
Came across these policemen clearing a bunch of abandoned bicycles off the streets the other day. They had been tagged, of course, and people were given a decent amount of time to remove them - or show that they were in use.
Bike Clearance 2
Funny... in Danish they are called "herreløse" bicycles - which I suppose translates directly to "master-less" - like dogs who no longer have a master to take care of them.


Green Idea Factory said...

This is one of the sources of bikes like the ones many of us used at Velo-City?

My dogs are my canine companions and my bike is my A-to-B partner.

Anonymous said...

So many good and reliable bikes abandoned! Sad.

lagatta à montréal said...

I do hope these stray bicycles are recycled for use somewhere else, either in Denmark or a poorer country.

bicyclemamy said...

Interesting. Do you know what they do with these bikes after no one claims them? I pray they are either donated or auctioned off for money towards the upkeep of your lovely city.

Drew Lawrence said...

I studied in Aarhus a couple of years back and our 'advisors' or whatever you want to call them told us about an event once a month where all these bikes are indeed auctioned off. And yes! There are some great bikes there. Very cheap as well. Maybe their new owners will show a bit more love!