11 June 2010

Polite Bicycle Warning

Airport Bicycle Parking (2)
How lovely and polite, this tag placed on a bicycle at Copenhagen International Airport.

"Undesirable Bicycle Parking
With respect for the free passage of passengers and the emergency services, we ask you to please place your bicycle in the established bicycle racks in the future."

Airport Bicycle Parking
And on another part of the bicycle was this tag:

"Is this bicycle in use?
Remove this tag before 16.05.2010 so we can see that it is in use. Otherwise the bicycle will be removed by the police."


Ryan said...

You'd never see that here in Canada. They'd just be removed without warning.

Well, the police in Vancouver are warning people about helmets mind you. Putting the fear into them about a crack down on people riding sans helmet.


blighty rider said...

David Hembrow, http://hembrow.blogspot.com/, wrote about a similar idea in NL. However, in NL they found that people were able to remove the plastic tag and refit to a different bike, which would then be removed. They now use paper tags that tear so they can't be reused.

Kevin Love said...

Dear Ryan,

Here in Toronto we provide seven days warning. From the official City of Toronto website at:


4) City Picks Up Abandoned Bicycles

Abandoned bikes are not only an eyesore, they take up valuable parking spots that cyclists really need.

Bikes that are obviously derelict rusty, damaged, stripped of parts can be reported by e- mailing the City's Solid Waste Collections manager, at lpessoa@toronto.ca. If there is any doubt as to whether or not a bike has actually been abandoned, notify Right of Way Management by e-mailing rbertran@toronto.ca.

A By Law Enforcement officer will investigate, and will attach a notice asking the owner to move the bicycle. If it's still there after seven days, Solid Waste will pick it up and store it until it is retrieved by the owner, or until the next public auction.

In either case, try to provide as much information as you can about the location and description of the bike, including the type of lock attached (cable, U lock, chain, etc.).

Anonymous said...

In New York we call you a maggot and throw your bike onto a flatbed truck, never to be seen again. 'Cause we're classy like that.

Yokota Fritz said...

We need that "is this bike in use" tag in some parts of the SF Bay Area as well. I see a lot of apparently abandoned bikes at the bike racks at Caltrain stations.