15 July 2010

Finding Parking at the Beach

Beach Parking
This is universal. Who hasn't spent time crawling along, looking for parking at the beach on hot summer days? Temperatures hovering at 35 degrees and all you want is to hit the water, but first... where to park?

Here's a post from last summer about the amazing amount of bicycles at one of the main beaches in Copenhagen. And an earlier post about bicycle parking at the beach.


Esmo said...

I'll tell you who hasn't spent time crawling along looking for parking at the beach - those of us who don't live in countries that cycle loads :(

Amber said...

I linked you to my blog. I hope thats ok? Such a great blog and SUCH a great city!!!

Richie said...

I'm always amazed by the absence of locks in these photos- are there no bicycle thieves in Denmark?

Drew said...

Just imagine how much of the beach they would have had to pave for parking if all of the bikes were replaced by cars.

Ms M said...

Wow, it does look hard to find a park. It made me think of school pick up time here in Australia - the only time we are able to find a good park is when we take our bikes - NOBODY else rides here ):

Great image!