03 July 2010

Flea Market Cargo Bikes

Flea Market Felixs Shop
Time for the annual kids flea market in our neighbourhood. Once again, cargo bikes feature prominently in transporting Felix's Stuff To Sell to the square, as well as in using the bikes as part of the stand. Felix ran the show, with some help from us, and decided how the stand should look. He loves it and makes some good money selling his toys.

Here are some shots from the 2009 flea market and here are some from 2008.
Flea Market Bullit
Getting there is half the fun.
Flea Market Bullitt and Christiania Bike
It helps that the Mother of My Children has her own two-wheeler cargo bike - from Christiania Bikes - to assist with the logistics.
Flea Market Bullitt Loaded
On the road heading to the square.
Flea Market Bike Rack
There were, as always, many cargo bikes present. As racks for displaying the goods for sale.
Flea Market Arrival
But also transporting to and fro.


m e l i g r o s a said...

if sf didnt have so many hills and i loved riding them, i would probably rock a cargo bike all over :D
flea markets on wheels - so cool!!
saludos a todos <3

Herzog said...


You need a Bullitt cargo bike! It weighs only 45lb -- as much as an old 3-speed!

Mikael said...

a bullitt for my badassé friend would be just the thing. messengers in switzerland are using them. light, fast, cool, baby.

Branko Collin said...

Ah, cargo bikes... the Segways among bicycles, except even less cool.

Euro Biker said...

I like this cargo bikes.
Can you inform where can be bought?