30 August 2010

Bike Share in Valéncia, Spain

Here's an advert for the bike share system in Valénica, Spain. It's called Valenbisi. 2750 bicycles in all, docked at 275 stations.

A short and sweet advert that is brimming with positive imagery. "Easy, inexpensive, fast" are the three words on one of the signposts. Perfect.

Via: Cycle Chic Valéncia.


Anonymous said...

Pity we can't have such a fabulous advert for the bike hire scheme here in Brisbane, also run by JCDecaux.

We have to wear helmets by law and boy does that kill the mood!

Just compare our CityCycle website with the French or Spanish equivalent... There are 4 helmeted cyclists and two mentions of the word 'helmet' on the main page! Clearly our country is run by narrow-minded lawyers. AAHHHHHHHHHHH!

Paul Martin
Brisbane, Australia

lagatta à montréal said...

Nice little ad. Not a helmet in sight, and people of all ages.

Coyot said...

I am Brazilian, I live in Sao Paulo, and the way I know the population of this city (fond of the car, petrol and pollution), If I know the politicians and businessmen of this city, I know it bai take long, and very even for one day we have a network of bike paths and decent dignasd and a great and rich city like Sao Paulo.

Tom Coyote
Zona Norte / Sao Paulo