22 August 2010

Coca Cola on the Bicycle Bandwagon

Coca Cola, like an army of companies before them, have gotten on the bicycle bandwagon. The bicycle is hip, nostalgic, futuristic and oh so very now. Say what you like about Coca Cola, every bit of positive portrayal of Citizen Cyclists on wheels is welcome.

Via: Cyclelicious.


Taliesin said...

Obviously they've learned nothing from the Duffy scandle.


Oldfool said...

I am offended by Coke thinking that a 75 year old is just learning to ride a bicycle. I'm 71 and I don't know anyone in my age group that doesn't know how to ride or at one time in their youth did not used a bike as their transportation.
Jeez, it's all these thirty something ad men that think they just invented everything.

Mikael said...

ooh, good point, oldfool. I thought the same... that it was unusual that they portrayed someone who can't ride a bike. your comment put some more perspective on it.

Anonymous said...

Or that anyone, who does not already know how to ride a bike, can easily do so.

Green Idea Factory said...

First I was gonna post this to see how far Mikael might go with this "say what you want" thing, but actually I think that someone has hacked his Blog.

So I suggest a competition to re-write yesterday evening's short entry. When Mikael gets rescued by Danish Special Forces he can hopefully give the creator of his favourite selection a tongue-in-cheek "Coca Colahagenize" sticker for their bike.

Here is my entry:

"Coca Cola, like an army of companies before them, are trying to co-opt the bicycle. The bicycle is hip, nostalgic, futuristic and oh so very now. There are a lot of bad things to say about Coca Cola , so their attempt to associate themselves with a positive portrayal of Citizen Cyclists on wheels is not welcome. Coca Cola - all it does and symbolizes - is just another Bull in the China Shop, filling the drink holder in another private car that is smashing cyclists up on the way back to the drive-thru for a free refill."

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, they seem to do it differently in Turkey. In Romania they had a campaign a couple of months ago where they've given out a few hundred red bicycles + protective gear (helmet and everything).

On the campaign's website they had a decalogue for cycling 'safely'. While most of the rules were taken out from the road code, the first and foremost was "wear a helmet and protective gear".

So much for positive portrayal of bikes.

Green Idea Factory said...

@Anonymous: Do you know who did that campaign in Romania?

For sure, I know that "Citizen Cycling" :-) in Turkey and Romania gets very little support from the government, but while we figure out stuff to help change this I think it would be patronizing to not be open and honest about the likely pitfalls of corporate partnerships: At its worst the receiving organizations get so emboldened about their righteous mission that they completely reject criticism. For example, the biggest environmental NGO in Poland gets support from BP (and Toyota), and repeatedly denies that it is greenwashing.

bicyclemamy said...

cute commercial!

it's nice to see people drink "regular size" bottles of Coke in the world. in America, they seem to only offer the super sized bottles.

i taught my 55yo cousin how to ride a bike this past weekend. now i have a riding partner :-)!

Frits B said...

Oldfool: there's no reason to feel offended. The film is in Turkey where many people of that age have never ridden a bicycle. A lot of Turks came to Western Europe to work many years ago and riding a bike was definitely not part of their lives.

Oldfool said...

Actually I'm offend by Coca Cola just being Coca Cola. They had a coke machine in my country school in 1955 sucking us in. Now my grandkids, and my wife too for that matter, will not drink water unless it comes from a plastic bottle. Then only if it's flavored and Cola is not available. They get it on their own I do not provide it.
The various Cola industries are as bad as the tobacco and oil industries.
I do not believe this is what Dr. Pemberton had in mind when he invented it.
While I'm ranting I would like to say I will never wear a helmet.

Anonymous said...

coca cola is killing unionists!

Daniel Sparing said...

I really have mixed feelings (just like when Mickey D's is promoting cycling in Hungary) - how do you decide when this simply qualifies as greenwash?