31 August 2010

Florence Finds Her Pedersen

There is a brilliant article that you simply must read.

A Strange and Not Unpleasant Experience
by Florence Williams for Bicycling.com
What's a cyclist to do upon falling in love with the rare Pedersen bike--except rescue a battered one from a hippie paradise and cajole its mysterious creator into reviving it?

What a fantastic tale.

Here's more of my photos of Pedersen bicycles. Didn't get a shot of Florence on hers - we couldn't manage to hook up when she was in Copenhagen.


townmouse said...

Or you could just build your own...

Having read that article, I now slightly regret turning down the offer of a ride on a Pedersen. I might have to rectify that

Krakonos said...

Sorry to pick you on that again, but it kind of surprises me that you link this article. I thought that for you bicycles are just tools? No emotional ties involved? Don't think about it, just ride?
Btw. I like Pedersens to. I've seen a couple but never ridden one.If they are really that comfortable than they might be a more practical alternative to a recumbent for city commuting.

atomicsmith said...

does anyone know anything about either small wheel pedersen's like this:

or folding ones as mentioned on Wikipedia:

BRUUNpoulsen said...

Kemper-velo is making the small wheel Pedersen.
Hopefully one day BRUUNpoulsen will to. We are almost ready with our first standard Pedersen. It's going to be stylish and elegant. Black of course!
Take a look