27 August 2010

My 40 Neighbourhood Bike Shops

View Bike Shops in My Neighbourhood in a larger map

Addendum: 23 December 2013: The original count was 27, but I've been discovering more and more bike shops. I will now put the number at 40+.

A while back I counted the number of bike shops in my neighbourhood - because somebody asked, not because I wanted to - and I came up with 22. Or around there.

I figured I'd whip up a map to show it visually. I live in the middle of that forest of placemarks. All the shops featured are under 7 minutes journey by bike from my front door.

On the map there are 27 bike shops, and while two of them are supermarkets that have a large selection of bikes and accessories, the rest are working bike shops for repairs and sales. Some are small shops that concentrate on repairs, some are larger with a bigger selection of bikes to buy.

I'm quite sure I've missed some - or even am unware of some along some of the streets leading away from the city. And this is just my neighourhood of Frederiksberg.

Most people find the shop they like the most and stick with it. It's a cuthroat business. Locals all have an opinion about their local shops. "He's too expensive..." "He's good and the service is fast.." "He's grumpy..."

This mouth-to-mouth knowledge sharing is incredibly important to Copenhageners. When you move to a new neighbourhood, you need to find supermarkets, corner shops and bike repair shops before you need to know anything else.


henryinamsterdam said...

When most people ride bikes daily there needs to be lots of shops to sell and maintain them. The figure we usually see for Amsterdam is 250 bike shops... for a compact city of 750,000. Like you describe there are 20 something shops within a couple minute bike ride of my office in Workcycles, one of those shops.

Speaking of bike shop competition here's a shameless plug with a silver lining:

Workcycles has been nominated "Best Bike Shop of Amsterdam". Yes it's just a popularity contest but we believe it's true and want to win the title. Ironically a Workcycles bike is being given away in a lottery to one of the voters. So if you'd like to support us or just win the bike you can vote here:


eva.lu said...

wow! I had no idea how many bike shops there were in Copenhagen! I can name only a few in my general area - and of that few most are 'performance' shops that couldn't care less about the casual rider {except maybe to take their $10 to fix a flat}. This map makes even more excited to visit Copenhagen!

ndru said...

In London, I get similar results when I search for car workshops and MOT stations. Go figure

anna said...

Wow, excellent coverage. My nearest bike shop is about 10min away. But that's a rather expensive one, and I only go there for emergencies. My usual ones are between 30-40min away :(.

Karen Hass said...

Well, NOW you're just showing off! :D

Rob said...

Nice... I wish our city of 40,000 doesn't have a single one. Neither the next-door city of 20,000, or the next-door cities of 23,000 and 31,765.

So that's 110,000 people without a single bicycle shop. (Big box stores don't count, in my opinion.)

I go to one about 20 minutes (by car) northwest. There's another 20 minutes south, another 25 minutes southwest, and two 20 minutes southeast.

All of them are in considerably richer suburbs than the four without bicycle shops. Which brings up an interesting observation... is the benefit of a local cycle shop only limited to households with median household incomes nearer to $90k?

l' homme au velo said...

In the City of Dublin there is around 20 Bike Shops for a Population of 250,000 and the further you go out practically none existant. The Greater Dublin Area takes in a Population of 1 Million and you might find one or two Shops and two Bike Superstores.

I live in Suburbia about 5 KM from the City Centre and there is two Bike Shops a few Minutes away by Bike but my Favourite Bicycle Shops are in the City Centre about Twenty minutes away by Bicycle.

However more New Bicycle Shops are opening Gradually since the Resurgence in Cycling.

There are at least three Bike Shops selling Dutch Bikes and one in Rathmines with some Velorbis Bikes.

Most Bike Shops are closed on Sundays with the Exception of two or three in the City Centre and if you have an emergency tough luck.

BikeBike said...

There's more shop in your neighbourhood than there is in all of Calgary!

Jealous :)

Jonas said...

good for you Mikael!

szymon said...

Shops in Aalborg:

Anonymous said...

I have one a minute or two from my house (round the corner) but usually go to the one almost five minutes away (round the corner and down the street) as it seems cheaper and specialises more in old bicycles like my Raleigh Sprite. There are several within a half-hour's walk, though two of my favourites have closed: Baggio, the Italian sport place that also did our clunkers, and a lovely old place a few minutes' east of where I live, only clunkers, don't remember the name. Lovely old guy.

lagatta said...

The previous anonymous was lagatta à montréal and I have no idea why it didn't show my name.

(baggio et al)

Think the problem is that I tried to recover my google account but then it tells me that the password isn't good. Aieeeee!

Anonymous said...

you forgot about The Bike Man !
He is everywhere !