16 August 2010

Torrential Rain? Police Suggest Taking Bikes

Heels and Brolley
We've had some torrential rain here in Copenhagen over the past couple of days. These almost tropical rainstorms are increasing in frequency over the past few years. Flooding of roads and overflowing of sewer systems are often the result.

Last night a new rainstorm was forecast and I thought that the police's advisory was interesting. I caught it on Text TV before going to bed.

"Copenhagen Police encourage motorists to be extra cautious Monday morning.

"Get up early. Listen to the radio or go online. If it looks bad, take public transport or your bicycle.

Even if we don't get the same amount of rain, the traffic can be affected if the sewers once again can't keep up."

Very Copenhagen-esque. The bicycle - and public transport or a combination of the two - recommended as an alternative to the automobile during adverse weather. Nice.

Rainy Day2

Read the article in Danish at DR.


postcardsfromthenorth.com said...

We're suffering torrential rains here too! Alas, not tropical but icey last-of-winter rains. ;-)

Rainy Cph said...

You can see some of the rain storm cyclists in this video

Yokota Fritz said...

That's very cool. Here in the USA we usually advise avoiding outdoor exposure in inclement weather.

pedalpusher said...

The other day, I was riding my usual course on a typical hot day here. Ocasionally i will see the odd pretty gal walking or jogging around the course. I once saw 2 giggling gals that were walking and then saw them on Bicycles a lap or two later..(Had I seen more of this, I would've invested in a camera to post photos!)
Anyways, It started raining and I stopped under cover to let the film of residual automobile oil wash off the road before I continued home. It stopped and I continued my laps when it started raining again. It was actually quite pleasant to feel the cool rain in comparison to the oppresive hot sun and my only concern really was the visibility and driving ability of the cars still on the road.
Rain can be pleasant. I once got caught on a date in the rain walking with a gf in nyc. Quite pleasant :)